Glastonbury Pagan Moot

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Hi mootfolk!

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to our discussion for the March moot, it was really interesting to hear everyone's perspectives and see the group come together to share their voices.

The next Moot, April 4th, we play host to some returning friends: Oak and Freda, who many of you know and fondly remember, used to run the Moot before Sandra and I took it on; they were also regional reps for Pagan Federation at the time. Oak will be giving us a talk on the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and I hope he'll also bring his guitar to play us some traditional tunes from his album.

Sandra and I have been encouraged by Oak and Freda to join the Pagan Federation, and we also want to pass that on and encourage you to do the same - it's a wide-ranging organisation whose origins stretch all the way back to the Wiccan revival begun by Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente, and works to create a supportive community embracing all branches of Pagan faith, belief and religion, and raise awareness of the values and virtues of Paganism to the wider world.


Spring Equinox is a time when the growth of the earth comes out into the light, a time of flourishing, so of course there are loads of things going on!

R.J. Stewart, author and musician, will give the second of his talks on "Seven Years of Magic", sharing his experience and education in the field of Ceremonial Magic, on Tuesday, March 20th, starting at 7:30pm in the Avalon Constitutional Club on Glastonbury High Street. Entry costs £6 - tickets can be bought on the door, or at the Library of Avalon, or through their website

All money raised is for the benefit of the Library, and it deserves our support!

Remember, also, those who wish to enter the Bardic Trials this year, the theme will be announced at Midday on the Market Cross. This town has a thriving Bardic tradition, and it's great to watch it grow.

With that in mind, we intend to give more time and space to the Bardic session in future moots. So many of you are talented and creative, but we often leave it til too late in the evening, cut it too short, or don't consider how many people like to leave early. I don't want this fantastic part of the moot to be pushed out, so we'll be making sure more of you get a chance to share more of your creativity in the future, with some talks or workshops being made shorter to make room.

See you all on April 4th, 7:30 doors for 8pm start, in our usual room at the Mitre Inn on Benedict Street.

Bright blessings,

Sandra and Stephen