Glastonbury Pagan Moot

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Hi mootfolk,

A slightly late report on the March Moot, as we have both been a bit ill since then! Fully recovered now, so here goes.

Our planned speaker, local astrologer Janetta Morton, was also too unwell to come and give us her talk on birth charts, so we have invited her to return for our next date, Wednesday April 3rd. To fill the gap, as the Moot night fell on a New Moon, we shared some of our knowledge of Wiccan Moon magic invocations and incantations. Source books we drew from, including those that came up in the discussion afterwards, included:

  • Carmina Gadelica, by Alexander Carmichael
  • Aradia the Gospel of the Witches, by Charles Leland,
  • High Magic's Aid, A Goddess Arrives, Witchcraft Today, The Meaning of Witchcraft, all by Gerald B. Gardner.
  • The Wtiches' Bible, by Janet and Stewart Farrar.
  • Various works by Aleister Crowley and Doreen Valiente.

We also had some wonderful songs, stories and poems shared with us in our Bardic space. After a bowed psaltery being played for us last time, this time we had an Irish bodhran drum; we are being spoilt!

We have a few dates for you all to put in your diary for the rest of March, it's a very Pagan month for Glastonbury this year!

At midday on the Spring Equinox, Beki Nagle, the Bard of Glastonbury, will be announcing the theme for this year's Bardic Trials, the contest to find her a worthy successor. A feast of creative performing arts, the Bardic Trials are well worth getting involved in of you feel so inclined.

Pagan Fest South West, this year's main Pagan Federation conference for our region, is on March 23rd, all through the day, in Glastonbury Town Hall. A wonderful mix of speakers and stalls, including head of the British Druid Order Philip Shalcrass, and internationally known esoteric author and teacher Sorita D'Este. Sandra and I will be running a bookstall and giving Tarot readings at the event, and we're looking forward to being in such illustrious company! Best be quick and check their website Pagan Federation South West for tickets - it's well worth it.

And we will get together again on April 3rd, 7pm, in the Snug at the Mitre Inn, Benedict Street, for our astrology talk.

Bright blessings,

Sandra and Stephen